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FDIC chair: Risk has shifted from banks to mortgage servicers

Reposted from 10.24.18 Yahoo Finance article: "One of the nation’s top bank regulators says the banking system is safe, but worries about risks at non-bank financial institutions, particularly mortgage servicers. The remarks from Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chair...

Want a higher credit score? Soon your cash could help

Reposted from 10.21.18 FoxBusiness article: "A new way to calculate your FICO score could lead borrowers to having higher numbers. Credit scores have been based mostly on borrowers' payment histories, but a new scoring system also taking into account how you manage...

Trump speech bodes ill for banks’ D.C. priorities

Reposted from 1.31.18 article: "The busy legislative agenda laid out by President Trump in the State of the Union speech Tuesday night casts doubt on how quickly Congress can move on financial services legislation, particularly a housing finance...

Investors devour feast of consumer ABS offerings

Reposted from 1.31.18 article: "The heavy primary market pipeline is remarkable, deal watchers say, as activity is usually more subdued until after the SFIG conference in Las Vegas in February. We have already got our hands full here. I think there’s...

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